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What is Blogger? Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you know blogging?

I think, Yes! You know about blogging.

In short words - Blogging is informational articles written by bloggers, Who are interested in writing informational articles on specific topics.

So, here is two cases:

1st is blogger and 2nd is blogger. 😂 I know, what you thinking, Why i telling this two cases.

Now, come to the point.

We will start from 1st case: Here, the meaning of blogger is Oh, Yes! Blogger is an amazing platform for bloggers. This Platform is provided by Google, blog writers can write articles and publish them online in a few seconds. Bloggers have their own editors, themes, and plugins(Add-ons). So, Your question is - how can you find a blogger platform?

Follow these Steps:

  1. Login to your Gmail account.

  2. After that, You can see the blogger option visible in your account menu.

what is blogger
What is blogging-2022

So, Click on the Blogger to open the platform.

Blogger is easy to use and very friendly environment provided by Google. You can play should play around with it, and explore many interesting Add-ons, themes, settings and etc.


  • You don't need to buy web hosting, Domain name, and Tools. They will give you everything in one platform.

  • You can add your own Domain Name. All are free services.


  • You don't have many SEO tools. SEO is difficult. But if you are a beginner then you should use the Blogger Platform. You can learn many things.

Now, Let's move to 2nd Case 😂.

Blogger means blog writer. That set.

I hope you love this article👍.

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